Life coaching motivates and empowers people to design their lives in a manner that is consistent with their inner desires and goals, and holds people accountable to the changes that they want to make.

Empowering the Individual

Each individual has purpose and possibility. Most people want to realize their greatest potential as a spouse, friend, parent, co-worker, student, or boss--but can become distracted when trials, disappointments, or frustrations appear.  Life coaching provides motivation and accountability for change. It is an effective way to empower the individual to identify what he or she wants out of life and then actively work toward reaching that destination.

Marriage Enhancement

In order to be successful in marriage, it is essential that couples put time into the relationship. Sometimes couples want a stronger marriage but don't know exactly how to create the time and space for improving their marriage.  For couples not experiencing distress, life coaching creates an environment for couples to listen to and better understand one another, and then facilities the creation and implementation of a plan that is personally designed to nurture and strengthen the marriage. 

Happy Family

Parenting doesn't often come easy or naturally for most people.  Each child is unique and every circumstance is different.  Life coaching helps parents understand their individual roles as mother and father and enables them to create a personalized parenting approach for their children...thus creating the best opportunities for success in family life.

Working Together
Work, School, and Career Development

Few things can bring stress as quickly as work or school.  We live in a world of expectations and assignments--deadlines and due dates. Trying to find balance with life, work, family, and/or school can often be overwhelming.  Life coaching encourages clients to step back, take a breath, prioritize life, and then make a plan to create balance and achieve success in their schooling or career. Coaching is an effective tool that can help individuals in their personal academic and career development.

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Finding Joy, Purpose, and Direction in Life

Sometimes in life people feel like they are drifting aimlessly through the days, weeks and months.  Working with a life coach is a proven and effective way to discover one's personal path and create greater joy, purpose, and happiness in life.  Often people are unsure of what changes they would like to make and how to implement those changes.  A life coach allows people to examine their desires and goals and then encourages active commitment toward accomplishing those goals.

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Life Coaching

Some people think that a Life Coach is going to tell you what to do, but a good Life Coach knows that the clients are the ones who have the answers for their own lives.


A coach's job is to help the client evaluate their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to more fully discover their desires, dreams, and potential. I help people who feel frustrated or stuck in their life develop and plan for change and then coach them through the steps that lead to success.

-April Fife