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April Fife, Certified Professional Life Coach / Walking Coach in Lubbock, TX. Emotional Resilence, Strength, Happiness, Hope, Compassion, Dreams

If you are ready for changes that bring greater peace and fulfillment, sign up for a life coaching session today.

Real change, reduced stress, and more meaningful relationships are waiting for you.

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Are you ready to enjoy greater confidence, hope, and emotional strength in your life?

Do you want to have healthier and happier relationships?

As a Relationship Life Coach, I specialize in helping women:


Discover Their Voices

Cultivate Strong Relationships

Set Healthy Boundaries

Build Emotional Resilience

Relationships can be complex and complicated. Our relationships, whether with family, friends, or co-workers, often comprise some of the most important aspects of our lives. When our relationships are out of synch, it can affect everything that we think, feel, and do. Often, our own sense of self-worth is connected to the success or struggles of our relationships. 

Many people suffer because they don't know how to set healthy boundaries. I help women have the courage and knowhow to establish their voices in their relationships with others. This often brings increased emotional resilience and greater self-confidence. By learning how to communicate more effectively, set healthy boundaries, and discern more clearly between guilt and grief, my clients enjoy greater happiness and satisfaction in their relationships and their life. 

Start improving your relationships today! Contact me today to start creating happier and healthier relationships that will lead to greater peace and joy in your life.


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April Fife

Certified Professional Life Coach

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