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Stephen Fife, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Life Coach, Relationship Consultant

I'm an experienced therapist with a masters degree in psychology and a doctorate in marriage and family therapy. I provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families who are struggling with relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, stress, decision-making, and life adjustments. 

I help couples with relationship enhancement, communication, conflict resolution, infidelity, intimacy, illness, and other life-changing events. I also assist parents, children, and families with relationship struggles, behavioral/emotional issues, divorce/remarriage, and blended/step families. Furthermore, I provide coaching on relationships, personal growth, and goal-setting.

In addition to seeing clients in Lubbock, Texas, I provide confidential online video therapy for clients in Nevada.


In addition to my private practice, I am a faculty member in the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Program at Texas Tech University where I help train masters and doctoral students in family therapy and conduct research on couple and family relationships and therapy. In particular, my experience treating infidelity is supported by my research on the process of treatment and healing from infidelity. Research shows this is one of the most difficult relationship challenges to overcome, and my research sheds important light on how couples can recover from infidelity and create strong, satisfying relationships. 

As a researcher, I also focus on how professional athletes maintain strong and successful marriages, despite the pressures and stresses that come with the profession.  I've identified several key factors associated with successful couples who stay loyal to each other and keep their marriages vibrant and healthy. I provide relationship coaching to professional athletes and their spouses. Using the information gathered in my research, I am able to provide athletes with important principles that, if implemented, will help strengthen, fortify, and protect their relationships. 

Additionally, I give group presentations and workshops on topics related to individual and relationship well-being, stress management, depression, marriage, dating, preparation for marriage, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, parenting, and solving interpersonal problems in the workplace. I've presented to professional organizations, business groups, religious groups, clergy, social groups, and youth groups.


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Counseling Credentials and Memberships

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American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

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Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapists


National Council on Family Relations

April Fife, Certified Professional Life Coach / Walking Coach in Lubbock, TX. Emotional Resilience, Strength, Happiness, Compassion

April Fife
Certified Professional Life Coach
Crisis Counselor Volunteer

I became a certified professional Life Coach because I wanted to help people find greater peace and happiness in their lives. I love being a Life Coach because it allows me the privilege of helping people discover and achieve their dreams. It also provides me the opportunity to walk with clients along a path of overcoming challenges that have kept them from their goals. 

I became a member of  the the International Coaching Federation in 2019 and hold additional coaching certifications in:

 * Mindfulness Coaching 

 * Therapeutic Art

 * Health and Nutrition Coaching

 * Self-Care and Boundary Setting

 * Grief and Bereavement Support

 * Goal Setting to Success

 * Time Management and Productivity

One of my areas of specialization is helping people overcome stress and anxiety by building their emotional resilience. I especially love working with older teens and young adults in helping them identify and manage the stresses in their life, while sharing tools that will help them be strong and resilient in mind, body, and soul. I combine life coach education with practical activities used to increase mindfulness, create plans for healthy living, increase positive thinking, and successfully make and achieve goals. 

I also spend time each week as a Crisis Counselor helping people navigate through times of emotional distress and despair. I am grateful for the training that I have received and the opportunity that I have each week to work with people as they move from a hot time of crisis to a place of peace and calm. I know that we all have challenges in life and often we just need someone to be a witness to our struggles in order for us to have the courage and strength to move forward and face our trials. I consider it one of the great blessings in my life to be able to support people in their times of need. 

I love to share the things that I have learned and experienced as I present to groups around the community. I enjoy presenting to businesses large and small in sharing ways that their company can reduce stress by incorporating specific techniques of stress reduction that are practical and proven to bring greater balance to life and increased harmony to the work environment. 

To schedule a free 15-min phone consultation or a Life Coaching or Walking Coaching appointment, contact 

April Fife at 806-414-8287, or, or book online.


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