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A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT)

is a professional counselor who has earned a master’s degree (or higher) and has fulfilled the requirements necessary to become a licensed mental health practitioner.

Because of their extensive training, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists have the tools to help people facing emotional, relational, and mental health challenges. MFT's have the training and expertise to serve all needs in the counseling and life coaching circles represented in the diagram.

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A Certified Professional Life Coach

is more limited in his or her scope of practice, but still has much to offer. Life Coaches have the training and experience to help people who feel frustrated or stuck in their lives to identify goals and make changes that will bring greater peace, happiness, and success. Life coaches can help strengthen marriages and relationships, manage stress, work on education, career and professional advancement. The inner circle in the diagram illustrates the various ways that a life coach can be of assistance.

In cases of depression, relationship distress, incidents of past trauma, or other circumstances listed in the outer circle of the diagram, a good coach will refer the client to see a professional counselor.

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