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10-Week Coaching Program

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Your Perfect Balance

Simple and easy ways to take control of your time, prioritize your passions, and create fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

I help women find their passion and energy to recalibrate their life so that they can build strong and fulfilling relationships and participate in things that matter most in their lives.


I do this by taking you through a proven system that allows you to redefine and utilize the time in your day in a way that facilitates priorities, promotes strong relationships, employs healthy boundaries, and empowers you to be in control of your time.


  • Do you get to do the things that you most enjoy?

  • Do you wish you had a better relationship with your friends?

  • Do you wonder how to regain the spark in your marriage?

  • Are you struggling to create a meaningful relationship with your child?


I will teach you simple and effective ways to tweak your schedule and create quality moments with the important people in your life. I will give you tools and resources to find excitement and joy in your relationships.


Most people feel like they don’t have any more time to give. This program helps you manage and redefine your time in a way that brings greater balance and control in your life, thus opening space for personal self-care along with creative and intentional relationship building.


The Your Perfect Balance program is a 10-week life coaching program that empowers you to take control of the moments you have each day and prioritize your relationships and life pursuits.  The weekly program includes ten 50-minute online coaching sessions that cover multiple aspects of recalibration. Clients will be sent a pre-session worksheet to complete along with additional post-session tools and resources pertaining to topics covered in the session. Clients have access to check-in with me two times during the week for additional support, encouragement, or content clarification.


After participating in the 10-week program, you will walk away with greater power to control your life schedule, a variety of proven activities and instructions for personal self-care, an identified roadmap for pursuing your individual priorities, and tools and resources to strengthen and build meaningful and fulfilling relationships. 


The 10-week program will begin with an initial assessment, goal setting and planning session. The following sessions will be personalized for each client and will include components from the topics listed below.

Why wait? Register today for life coaching with April Fife and find Your Perfect Balance!

Assessment, Priorities, & Passions

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Emotional Self-Care & Resilience

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Physical Exercise

Friends Having Fun

Meaningful Relationships

Happy Family

Intentional Parenting

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Time Management & Productivity

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Health & Nutrition

Woman Measuring

Workplace Expectations

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Strengthening Marriage

Confident Woman

Your Perfect Balance

Call or text 806-414-8287, or email if you have any questions. I look forward to talking with you!
-April Fife

The Details

The Investment: $1000
The Duration: 10-Weeks
Sessions will typically be schedule once a week, but can be adjusted as needed.
The Coaching: All sessions are online coaching sessions. Each session meets one-on-one with a professional life coach for 50-minutes in length.
The Package: This coaching package includes two mid-week texting or email check-ins to ensure that you have the support you need to accomplish your goals. 
The Cancellation and No Show Policy: Sessions missed or canceled with less than a 24-hour notice will be billed a $50 cancellation fee.

If you need to end the program early, please send a written notification to to receive a full refund for any unused sessions. Cancellation requests must be received within 30 days of the last session you attended.
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